About Us

Created in 2016

Mass Intentions Online was created at Saint Matthew Parish, Forestville, CT to meet the needs of the parish Secretary. Managing Mass Intentions used to be long process. First, the Masses had to be manually entered into the Mass book. Then, as parishioners came in to request a Mass intention, the secretary would have to open the book, find an available Mass, hand write the name of both the recipient and the donor, then hand write a receipt for the offering. The entire process could take up to 15 minutes. Later, the intention would have to be transcribed into the bulletin from the Mass book. Typos, spelling errors and illegible entries often made it difficult. Today, this software completes all these tasks in less than one minute!

Established in 2018

Mass Intentions Online was initially launched in June of 2018

Incorporated in 2020

Mass Intentions, Inc., is incorporated in the State of Connecticut. Our Board of Directors includes three Pastors from across the United States. Visit our corporate website to meet our Board of Director Members

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Network and Equipment

Mass Intentions Online uses dedicated high speed Amazon and Google servers connected to the Internet over multiple ISP optical fiber lines. We have built in redundancy with both providers.

All files are backed up daily. All databases are backed up independently twice a day.

The Network Operations Center servers are protected by continually monitored battery powered UPS's and, the event of a major outage, is further backed by emergency generators.

We maintain network storage server backups of all web sites for four weeks. The network and internet links are monitored by our 24x7 network operations center (NOC).

The Catechism of the Catholic Church: The Creator

306: God is the sovereign master of his plan. But to carry it out he also makes use of his creatures' co-operation. This use is not a sign of weakness, but rather a token of almighty God's greatness and goodness. For God grants his creatures not only their existence, but also the dignity of acting on their own, of being causes and principles for each other, and thus of co-operating in the accomplishment of his plan.