Move from your Mass book to
Mass Intentions Online!


Parish Management Software by Mass Intentions Online helps you to simplify your day-to-day tasks and eliminates hand written paper processes. Our cloud-based software is accessible from the parish office or anywhere your parish role takes you.

Mass intentions management is at the cornerstone of our functionality, but it is only the beginning.  Parish Management Software by Mass Intentions Online offers you the ability to schedule Masses with ease, create custom bulletin and financial reports.

Additional features provide celebrant management, scheduling, and payment tools; manage facility scheduling and maintenance issues; and streamlines both your Ministry Scheduling and volunteer communication processes. Best of all, our various packages, à la carte options, and competitive pricing cannot be beat.

Parish Communities, Umbrella Parishes and Parishes with multiple churches are full supported with our software.

Scheduling Tools

Multiple Calendars in one database to meet the Various Needs of Parish Life

Parish Management Software by Mass Intentions Online can help you to schedule Masses and IntentionsCelebrants and DeaconsLamps and CandlesUnannounced Masses, Room Scheduling, Mass Ministers, Visitation, Novenas, Confessions, Celebrations, and more.  Separate calendars let you see what is going on in these different areas, but are integrated and work together to keep everyone on the same page.  Generate printed calendars and lists to post and distribute as necessary.  Embed chosen calendar views into the church website and give parishioners a live look at what is coming up next in parish life.

Mass Intention Management

Facility & Volunteer Management

Managing the details of parish life when it comes to rooms and volunteers has never been so easy. 

The Parish Management Software Facility Scheduling Module provides the tools to schedule meetings, reserve rooms, allocate amenities, generate events calendars, and communicate with your ministry leaders.  Give your parishioners the ability to see your Parish event calendar from home, cutting down on phone calls to the office staff. 

When issues arise, as they always do, our Maintenance Manager will help you notify the proper people to get issues handled quickly.  This module's tracking and communication features help to keep everyone involved up-to-date until the fix is complete. 

Our Ministry Scheduling Module will simplify the process of taking volunteers' scheduling requests and creating a ministry calendar for the month in just minutes.  Those involved in your parish Mass Ministries will be able to indicate their availability, access their schedule, and communicate with the parish staff all from the comfort of home.

Ministry Scheduling

Finances & Reporting

Parish Management Software by Mass Intentions Online will be your bookkeeper's new best friend!

Using pre-set tools, quickly generate Auditor, Offering, Deposit, and Credit Card reports.  Every report is set to be user-generated by date.  When your needs get even more specific Custom Reporting is available to get the information you need, just how you need it.

When it is time to pay your celebrants, our Parish Management Software Celebrant Management, Assignment, & Payment module will automate the process.  Celebrant payout rules are set so that with just a few clicks you can determine how much each of your permanently assigned and visiting celebrants are due.  Binations, Private Mass offerings, Travel fees, Honorariums, and different rate structures are all accommodated.  

Financial reports

Sacraments & Celebrations

Keep everything accessible and in one place with this powerful record-keeping system for the Sacraments and Celebrations!

Parish Management Software affords staff people who are responsible for parishioner's sacramental life the ability to stay organized from anywhere.  Keep track of celebrants who assist with Reconciliation Services. Schedule Baptisms and record the details for each candidate as they are welcomed into the Parish family.   Organize all of the information you need for Weddings; from contact information to ceremony details.  The many moving parts of the Funeral Celebration will be integrated into one record that can be accessed by staff people wherever and whenever they need it.  All of the many details that you need to manage for Quinceañeras will be easy to find every step of the way.

All of our Celebrations modules include three quick reports:  a financial statement to print, a celebration summary to email, or a detailed report that is perfect for filing away to meet your diocesan record-keeping requirements.

Celebrations Manager

Time-Saving Features

Free up time to do what really matters

Your parish office staff will be able to shift their focus from the necessary tasks of parish management to the parishioners who are at the heart of Church life.  Parish Management Software offers an Online Intention Cart so that intention scheduling can be done from home.  Get rid of handwritten Intentions that need to be transposed and typed in.  The bulletin editor will be able to quickly and easily export intentions each week with a few clicks.  Mass Card requests, Special Intentions, attendance, and novenas can be tracked with ease.  Searching through the Mass Record Book or Sacramental Register for intention and sacrament details will be a thing of the past with the help of our Global Search Tool.  And never count again, our quick “Totals” feature will get you the numbers you need when Diocesan reports are due.

Online Intention Cart