Parish Online Intention CartOnline Intention Cart for your Parish Website

Free up time for your front-line office staff by allowing parishioners to request Intentions and Memorials online and submit offerings via credit card through your parish website.  

Embedding a live view of your Intention Calendar onto the parish website will enable your parishioners to schedule their intentions themselves from home.  After choosing an available Mass day and time, they will be prompted to enter their intention, contact, and payment information.  Staff approval is required before selections become permanent on your parish intention calendar.  

Features & Functions

  • Guided set-up through Clover Connect.
  • Control the number of Mass intention and Memorial intention requests that can be made per session.
  • Parishioners can add an additional donation amount as well as cover the parish transaction fees.
  • Mass cards can be requested.
  • Designated Office Staff will receive online request notifications via email and on their PMS by MIO toolbar.
  • Granular User Permissions.

We've taken our cloud-based solution to the next level!

We've developed the technology that provides you the ability to take Mass intentions requests online, via your own website, and supports credit card payments at checkout... from any device, computer, tablet, or mobile phone!


Using a unique link to your Parish Management Software by Mass Intentions Online account, your parishioners would have the ability to see an open date, click to request an intention, and enter the required information. The intention would be added to their intentions basket (cart), at which time they could continue to add intentions or Memorials into the basket (cart) or checkout.

The Process:

When the intention is selected, it is placed on "hold" on your Mass intentions calendar. Upon successful checkout (payment approved),  The parish receives an email notification from MIO saying a transaction has been completed and is awaiting review. 
An email notification will be sent to you to view and approve the intention, viewing the intention to ensure it does not contain offensive or vulgar language.

When you approve the intention, it is recorded, your records and financials are updated in MIO, and the credit card charge is completed. MIO will record the transaction as if you entered it into the system yourself, including the logging of the intention receipt.

The "live" feed from your MIO account on your website will automatically be updated with the new intention.

Should the transaction credit card be declined or you reject the intention, the requestor's intentions will be released back into the system and available again. Should you reject the requested intention, a field is available for you to enter a reason the request was denied.

All settings used in your MIO system will be applied to the live online version (multiple intentions, family limits, etc.), and you'll be able to set additional limits for the shopping cart.

A control panel for credit card processing will give your church the options of:

  • Set the base intention offer.
  • The ability for the requester to add an additional donation amount.
  • Adding the credit card fee to the requester at checkout. Or, optionally, ask the requester to pay the credit card transaction fee (automatically calculated).

You can search for the intention as you normally would; it will be included in your data export transaction list and all other areas of MIO records transactions.

Co-Branded Partnership

We've partnered with Clover Connect, a First Data company, to provide the financial gateway and merchant processing at a discounted rate for our MIO online family. Not only will you be able to take credit cards via the shopping cart, but you'll also be able to take credit cards for any parish transaction.

Merchant Account:

A merchant account (credit card processing company) is required to accept credit card payments.  We've published a link to a co-branded information and signup site. You can use this link now to get a jump start on your application process:

Card Connect Pricing:

Mass Intentions Online "Family Members" will contract at the following rates through our co-branded portal with Card Connect:

  • $15 per month non-profit fee
  • 1.5% debit card fee
  • 3.0% credit card fee
  • $0.20 transaction fee
  • NO annual fee!
  • NO PCI compliance fee (an annual survey must be completed)
  • That's it!

This "Add On" is available to all new and existing MIO clients.

PCI Compliance Tutorial