Ministry Scheduling

Ministry Scheduling

Parish Management Software's full-featured, robust Ministry Scheduling module provides users with tools to solicit, manage, track, schedule, and communicate with all of their volunteers. Set up your ministry areas, assign group leaders, members, and preferred times, then see how much easier volunteer management will get!

Schedule by any date range or ministry group, or choose the auto-assign tool to let the software do the work for you! This module allows for communication with leaders and teams, enables you to schedule reminders, and manages sub-requests.

Feature Filled:

  • Unlimited locations with integrated scheduling by location
  • Unlimited number of volunteers (not based on price)
  • Unlimited number of ministries (not based on price)
  • Automated, Rotational, Team, and Manual Scheduling
  • Full no-show and attendance tracking and reporting
  • Safe Harbor tracking
  • Substitute requests and fulfillment ability
  • Minister assignment trading facility
  • Volunteers manage availability and vacation time
  • Large ministries can have a Group Leader
  • Automated communications
  • Email, online, and parish website posting capabilities
  • ... and more

If you're still managing your teams by hand, this program is for you!
If you're using one of our competitors' high-priced programs and want to save about 75% of the cost you're paying, don't hesitate to contact us to see what the feature comparison looks like.

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