Facility Scheduling

Integrated Facility Scheduling

The Parish Management Software by Mass Intentions Online Room Scheduler allows you to easily manage your parish meeting schedules, facility reservations (and associated fees), and resource allocation.  These components all come together in a calendar view, allowing your parish ministries to reserve rooms and resources for meetings and other activities. Create rooms, groups, and lists of amenities, and get all of your parish events onto your Facility Calendar.  This module is designed to interact with the Mass schedule portion of our system.  Parish Masses, confessions, and celebrations in the Church, Chapel, and School will automatically reflect on your facility schedule each day.  Our integrated room validation process helps you find and resolve scheduling conflicts before they become problematic. 

Features & Functions

  • Add a room for each space where meetings are held.
  • All PMS by MIO calendars are fully integrated so that rooms can be shared between your Mass Intention and Meeting schedules.  
  • Create a profile for each of your parish ministries and groups that regularly use facility space.  
  • Reserving a room is as easy as clicking on a date on the calendar.
  • Variable scheduling options are available for repeating events. 
  • Double booking is automatically detected to avoid scheduling conflicts between groups and resources. 
  • Easily generate emails for staff and group leaders.
  • Manage parish amenities such as tables, chairs, podiums, and projectors.  Room Scheduler will automatically eliminate resource conflicts.
  • View your room schedule by day, week, month, or as a list.  Filter each view by group or room to get a birds-eye look at the parish schedule from the most helpful angle.
  • Print a hard copy of the daily, weekly, or monthly view of your facility usage.
  • Granular user rights enable administrators to dictate permissions for each staff member.  Easily control who can view, edit, delete, change settings, and more.
  • Post a "live" view of the room scheduling calendar on your website.
  • Room Fee Management allows you to set fees for parishioners, non-parishioners, and other custom rates. 
  • An included rental module allows you to set fees, generate invoices and receipts, and send statements.
  • You decide what to display on your public calendar.