Custom Reports

We have developed a tool that will allow you to create any type of custom report starting with : Celebrations/Events, Offerings/Payments received and Outstanding Offerings and fees, 

Report Type – Select the category which best reflects the report you wish to create: 

a.      Celebration/Event Report – Non-financial reports for Masses, Celebrations, Memorials, Confessions, Meetings (Facility Scheduling module only), and Misc. Events.

b.      Offerings/Payments Received – Financial reports for Mass and Memorial Intentions, Celebrations, Meeting Room Rentals, and Additional Donations.

c.       Outstanding Offerings/Fees – Generates lists for offerings and fees owed to the parish.  This report type is not dependent on an entered date range.  The resulting report will include any monies that are currently owed to the parish from the desired categories selected.

Each category selected has its own set of selection criteria of which sub categories may appear for even more specific results. Choose one or more field categories to reveal additional options which may be applicable to the report being generated. 

This module interacts with any module your parish is using in MIO; if it's installed for your parish, the more choices you have for creating custom reports.

Once you create a report and are happy with the selections, just name it and save it to use again at a later time, saving you time and returning your results even faster.

Below is a video overview with examples and below the video documentation of how the module works.