Memorial Scheduling

Memorial Scheduling

Record Memorial offerings for intentions on lamps, candles, bread, wine, flowers, and more. Memorial intentions are featured on a separate calendar which functions like the system's main intention calendar view. There is no limit to the number of memorials that can be added via the system's Settings page. 

Like Mass intentions, all Memorial intentions are recorded online, and receipts are printed electronically and can be emailed to the Requester. Offerings are added to the reporting functionality of the Parish Management Software by Mass Intentions Online system and can be extracted for external use.

Features & Functions

  • The same familiar calendar view is used system-wide, along with the same color coding to indicate availability.
  • Users with the appropriate permissions can Add, Edit, and Delete Memorials as necessary.
  • Memorial Intentions can be included in your bulletin export.

Our software accommodates the collection and recording of offerings for intentions with lamps, candles, bread, wine, flowers, and other memorials. The workflow for Memorials mimics that for Mass Intentions. Users can easily use the same steps and screens, eliminating any learning curve and providing ease of use and consistency across our product.

Name as many memorials as needed. Set the intention length for each lamp or candle and choose to set a default offering amount. In the settings area of Mass Intentions Online, you also set the day of the week the memorial starts. All memorial intentions contribute to the financial reports generated in the Mass Intentions Online software and are exportable to the parish bulletin.

Like Mass intentions, all memorial intentions are recorded online; receipts are printed electronically, and offerings are added to the reporting functionality, which can be extracted for external use.