Celebrant Scheduling & Stipend Auto-Adjudication

Celebrant Management, Assignment & Payment

Schedule Celebrants & Deacons

Keep everyone on the same page with our Celebrant Scheduling tools by Parish Management Software.  Permanently Assigned and Visiting Celebrants and Deacons can be added to your Celebrant database for easy assigning to Masses, Confessions, Sacraments, and Celebrations.  Schedule right from your Celebrant calendar or assign in bulk using our Celebrant/Stipend tool.  Include Sacraments and Celebrations on the Celebrant calendar, and your ordained staff will have one central location to check the parish schedule.  And, if you'd like, you can take it to the next level and generate personalized calendars for each of your celebrants.    

Stipend Auto-Adjudication Module

Easily manage stipends for Permanent, Visiting, and In-Residence Celebrants. This module will help to automate the process and allows for assignment by offering, a set rate per Mass, or a flat monthly rate.  Includes options for mileage, honorarium, bination, Reconciliation, and Concelebration. Once your parameters are set, and your scheduling is done, the financial reports can automatically be populated.

No longer will your business manager or financial staff have to track down all of the Masses, find the celebrant who celebrated the Mass, determin if a visiting celebrant presided, what the contract rate, milage, honorarium fee should be paid. Just enter a date range is see what monies come from the stipend account or another operating account. Just imagine the time this module saves; and saving time equals saving money!

Celebrant Contact Information

This module also provides a contact information repository for all of your celebrants. Name, address, email, and phone number are all accessible in one location.

Module Overview: