Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals and Quinceañeras

Our software provides tools for the recording of weddings, baptisms, funerals and Quinceañeras.

The software will record the basic, necessary information to schedule the celebration, record the offering and designate the Celebrant. This information all contributes to populating the financial deposits report and the Celebrant Calendar.

More fields are available, and presents on one screen all of the details and documentation required for the celebration, including where the documents are stored.

Any recorded wedding, baptisim or funeral can be looked up instantly to see specific information that would take much longer should you have to go to storage and pull the records.


  • Options include Wedding Mass, Wedding Ceremony, Convalidation, and Prep only/Rehersal.
  • Data entry screens for Bride and Groom information.
  • Track rehersal details, Witnesses, and easily search recorded weddings.


  • Supports adding multiple baptism candidates to any date.
  • Easily move any candidate to another scheduled baptism date if necessary.
  • Multiple candidates can be scheduled for one Baptism celebration.


  • Funeral selections include Funeral Mass, Memorial Mass, Funeral Home Service, and Interment.
  • Record celebrants and stipends, Altar Servers, Giftbearers, and more.
  • Easily search your masses database to find upcoming and past funerals.

Nothing to install, just use this encrypted and secure online portal! 

Starting at $20.00 per month with a one time setup charge 

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