Umbrella Parish / Parish Clusters

Our module supports parishes that have multiple churches or the Pastor that has multiple parishes and churches!

The unique features of this module to our software allows for:

  • Multiple users having access to all churches in one setting or specific users only accessing one specific church and features.
  • Allows for the same Celebrants to be assigned across all churches
  • Choose a celebrant calendar view for one church or see all assignments for all celebrant and all Masses on one calendar!
  • Church specific reports: Select a church for deposit, stipend reconciliation and other reports; supports cannon law for accounting
  • Easily switch from church to church for recording Mass Intentions, Celebrant Scheduling and all utilities

All of the tools and functionality of our software are combined and included in this feature!

Nothing to install, just use this online portal!


Starting at $10.00 per month with a one time setup charge