Multiple Intentions for Masses

Our software supports single and multiple intentions per Mass, controlled in your settings page. With a simple click you can turn on multiple intentions for just Vigil Masses and Sundays or select all Masses for using multiple intentions every day of the week at every Mass. And, you can set a limit for how many intentions can be made for those Masses!

Mass Intentions Online Software Calendar

Easy to use scheduling for each Mass that has multiple intentions enabled allows for repetitive selection of any Mass time to enter additional intentions.

Mass Intentions Online Software Calendar

If you have established a limit for the number of intentions for any Mass, the date is "grayed" out with that limit has been reached.

Mass Intentions Online Software Calendar

Should it be necessary to exceed the limit, the system has an administrative override funtion!

Nothing to install, just use this encrypted and secure online portal! 

Starting at $20.00 per month with a one time setup charge 

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