Maintenance Manager


Maintenance Management


The Parish Management Software Maintenance Scheduler affords staff members the ability to create maintenance requests, including photographs of the issue.  Entering an issue will trigger notification emails to be sent out to applicable staff.  The request is then viewable on the active issue list and later can be assigned the chosen vendor to address the situation.  The system will allow parish staff to keep track of the details of the necessary “fix” at every step along the way until the request is marked as “Closed.”

Features & Functions

  • Record the location of the issue along with a description of the problem at hand. Describe the issue and attach a picture if desired.  Assign a priority level and designate in-house staff or an outside vendor.  Document the steps that are taken to address the maintenance issue at each step in the process.
  • Build a complete database of all your vendors which includes contact information.  Vendors can be organized by category.
  • View Open/Closed Requests to keep track of both current and completed issues.
  • Designate users to receive notifications when the status of a maintenance request changes. Email updates to the requestor.
  • Mobile friendly!