Bring your data to Mass Intentions online!

Be secure in the "cloud"!

We will import your data from your existing MIST program or desktop based spreadsheets with ease! This includes all Masses, all celebrants, all intentions, all offerings, all location information, all language information; if it's there, we'll move it for you!

No need to re-enter any data you have in your MIST program, spreadsheet or any kind of database!

Move your other forms of Mass intentions data to a solid and secure platform that eliminates your parish's need to backup Mass and celebrant data.

Avoid disaster recovery from computer failures by using our cloud based, backed up and secured solution!

MIST to MIO Import Process

1. Complete and return the “Welcome” letter questionnaire. This is the basis for the setup and configuration of your MIO account. Email a copy of MIST_be.accdb. This is the MIST data file. Once we have your response and your data file, your site will be configured within 24 hours.

2. Continue using MIST. This first import will be used for you to validate that all data has been imported from MIST to MIO and is only temporary.

3. Schedule a training session for all of the users that you’ve requested to have access to MIO

4. MIST file; the end of the business day before the training, we’ll ask you to send the MIST file again. We’ll also ask/suggest you do not use it again. We’ll import the fresh, up to date copy and load your site. As soon as training is over, you’ll no longer use MIST and be live on MIO


Please remember that aside from the training, each user registered in your MIO site will have access to all of our You Tube help video’s. And, access to the “Demo Church” where all features are available for your use, today and forever.


As far as a “timeline” goes, this can happen quite rapidly as we have the ability and resources to complete entire process in 24 hours. The key is the receipt of the welcome letter questions and the first submission of the MIST export. After that, you can choose your training date/time for the final conversation. That date is entirely up to you.

Nothing to install, just use this encrypted and secure online portal! 

Starting at $20.00 per month with a one time setup charge 

Contact us to get started!