Celebrant Calendar

Schedule Celebrants for a Mass, wedding, baptism or funeral and all instances are shown on the Celebrant Calendar.

Easily add a Celebrant to a Mass. Bulk add a month's of assignments at once or any chosen time frame. Make a last minute change to a Mass. Assign stipends for Celebrants. Print a copy of the Celebrant Calendar for the Sacristy. New: Export the celebrant calendar into other applications.

This password protected software program compiles data from the Mass, funeral, baptism and weddings pages to compile the schedule.

Import into Google Calendars!

Example: Celebrant Database; eliminate data entry errors and duplicate names

Example: Celebrant Bulk Assignment Form

Example: Adding a Celebrant on the Mass date

Nothing to install, just use this encrypted and secure online portal! 

Starting at $20.00 per month with a one time setup charge 

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